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The Drugging of our Children  is a documentary film highlighting the increasing pathologisation of child-hood and the use of psychotropic drugs to ‘cure’ these ‘conditions’. An increase in violence, suicide and psychosis has been some of the results of this.

The documentary explores safer and more humane ways of helping little ‘uns to cope with mental distress.

It is available to watch on google videos here

Please spread the word about this film…

cheers keener


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We have thought of another reason why its good to have an allotment – basically its very good for dog mental health.

This video shows the lovely Cassie, a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who is a real softy – don’t believe the hype about Staffs!!

She is on her way to the allotment and is a little bit excited! She needs reassurance that in fact, yes, she is going to the allotment.

Cynics may say that shes doing this because shes in a car – its not that – as soon as she smells that she is near the allotment she just can’t hold the excitment and happiness in….

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Things have been a little heavy on our blog lately…. So we have decided to post some rather silly videos of ourselves, that Keener re-discovered on her phone today.. 

It was taken at the beginning of winter, when leaf raking was going on big time in our day jobs.  

 Gardening allows both of us to reconnect with child-like qualities – of mischievousness and exploration. Or to put it another way – having a laugh. Jumping/falling into piles of leafs, soil, manure, chippings is a particular favourite. Its very hard to stay sad, distracted by daily concerns, angry or whatever after completing this exercise!

Also, as you can see on the video, we have seen ‘You’ve been Framed!’ and other home video shows many times!

The second video develops the theme further. Keener is explaining that she often wishes that she could just sleep and hibernate for the winter: 

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A selection of gardening/allotmenteering videos are available to watch here.

They cover the basics of a wide variety of topics including how to harvest various fruit and vegetables, seed sowing, propagation and pruning. An encyclopedia of gardening videos for nowt.

The list of topics are:

  • How To Care For Your Lawn In Autumn
  • How To Dead Head Roses
  • How To Deal with Black Spot Leaf Disease
  • How To Deal with Mildew Leaf Disease
  • How To Harvest Beetroot
  • How to Harvest Blackberries
  • How To Harvest Carrots
  • How To Harvest Chives
  • How To Harvest Courgettes
  • How To Harvest Josterberries (whatever they are!)
  • How To Harvest Khol Rabi
  • How To Harvest Lettuce
  • How To Harvest New Potatoes
  • How To Harvest Raspberries
  • How To Harvest Red Currants and White Currants
  • How To Harvest Swiss Chard
  • How To Hot Compost
  • How To Mow a Lawn Using a Petrol Lawn Mower
  • How To Plant A Shrub In A Container
  • To Plant A Tree From A Container
  • How To Plant A Window Box
  • How To Plant Daffodil Bulbs
  • How To Plant In Containers;
  • How To Plant Peas
  • How To Plant Seeds in a Basic Seed Tray
  • How to Plant Seeds in a Modular Tray
  • How To Plant Tulip Bulbs
  • How To Plant Winter Bedding Plants
  • How To Prick Out Seedlings
  • How To Propagate Semi Ripe Stem Cuttings
  • How To Propagate Vegetables from Seeds in Pots
  • How To Prune Bush Roses In Autumn
  • How To Prune Bush Roses In Winter
  • How To Prune Herbaceous Plants In Autumn
  • How To Prune Trained Fruit Trees During Summer
  • How To Test Soil pH
  • How To Transplant Seedlings InTo the Ground

keener and beener

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For those of you who have never seen a rotavator in action, here is a video of me using one. For those of you who are professional/proficient – I do apologise but you should have seen me at the beginning of the day!!

As ever, all feedback welcome …..


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